Sales, SEO, ADS, Social, Reporting

Cutting edge features to boost sales and marketing. Get better results with less effort.


more meetings from contacts

Provide value for potential customers from the first contact! A ready action plan based on your prospect’s data with two clicks.


More deals from meetings

With a data-based action plan you can close bigger deals easier.  Show your expertise with no effort.

Grow current deals

With Dashboa, offering more of your expertise to your customers has never been easier.

Increase your profit per specialist

When you don´t need to analyse data to find out what to do, you can provide better results for your customers in less time.

Don´t let requirement slow your growth

Hire junior, and let them make pro results. ”This gives 4 years more experience to everyone”

Create trust with reporting

With Dashboa, you are doing the best work for your customer. Let them know exactly what and why in their language. Automatically, of course.

Dashboa in a nutshell

Dashboa is software tool for digital marketing agencies. Our mission is to equip ambitious digital marketing agencies with the best possible tool to improve sales, production, and reporting.

How it works?

Dashboa is based on cutting-edge data-analysis. We take data, analyse it automatically, and return you the actual steps to grow your customer’s business.

We are not cheap, but we guarantee that using Dashboa will be profitable. If not, you get money back! (but it’s never happened so far)

We promise we don’t send spam