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Hi, I'm Daniel Laurean from Dashboa!

Hi, I'm Daniel Laurean from Dashboa!

Sales and User experience

We know how people spend stupid amounts of time and money on factual content creation, SEO and SEM. 

But times have changed.

We’ve noticed that more people who first try Dashboa out with our expert’s guidance have seen 3x more high quality traffic on average during the first months.

High quality traffic as in the visitors who are looking for the kind of solution your site provides.

That’s why I want to encourage you to get started with boosting your traffic and land more clients.

The best way I can help you get started is if you book a meeting and let me help you. For free. So, what are you waiting for? 

A short summary about Dashboa

Dashboa is the software that helps anyone become a data expert.
With just a few clicks, Dashboa:

  • Analyzes your website data for you
  • Gives easy-to-understand suggestions to improve your website fast
  • Helps improve SEO, keyword planning, Google Ads optimization and even conversions!
  • Greatly helps you with content creation to support the search term you want to target
  • Helps increase your website traffic and sales

Below, you can see how simple the tasks to improve your site can be. According to this big site’s data, they should make a landing page for keyword: laptops. There’s also the requirements included which also take into account top competitors data for the same keyword.

Improving your or your client’s SEO has never been as easy!

Dashboa suggests to create a landing page for a site and add text, titles and other simple tasks to boost the visibility of the site.

We don’t promise to be the cheapest tool, but we guarantee that Dashboa will be profitable for you.

If it isn’t, you get your money back!

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"Dashboa makes the job easier, saves time, and, above all, helps to keep a view of the big picture."

– Valtti Mustajärvi, Growth Hacker, Vertics