Dashboa for agency teams of all sizes

Increase your client acquisition in minutes

Give new and potential clients value from the first contact. Dashboa is the tool that shows you how!

The secret weapon for digital marketers

Close more deals and serve your customers better using the power of automation.

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Get more clients with Dashboa

Dashboa makes it easy to offer value to potential clients in time for the very first meeting. Even the very first email!

 Type your prospect’s URL into Dashboa (or let Dashboa get it from your CRM) and in minutes you will have data-based SEO and website improvement ideas ready to go for them. It’s the perfect way to impress new leads and stand out from your competitors.

Level-up your marketing from day one

Dashboa doesn’t just provide you with numbers and KPIs. Dashboa analyzes your clients’ data for you and gives you recommendations on SEO, keyword planning, Google Ads optimization and more. You will know exactly what to do to help improve your clients’ online performance.

From your most junior team members upward, your agency will be more profitable thanks to Dashboa.

Save time with automated reporting

We believe too much time is spent on creating reports. That’s why Dashboa does the job for you.

 Automatically create reports that your customers understand so you can show what tasks you completed and why.


more meetings from leads

Provide value for potential customers from the first contact! Get ready-to-go action plans based on your prospect’s data from just two clicks.


More deals from meetings

With a data-based action plan you will stand out from your competitors and close bigger deals faster.

Grow current deals

With Dashboa, offering more of your expertise to your customers has never been easier.

Increase your profit per specialist

Dashboa analyses your data for you and gives ideas for improvement automatically. You can provide better results for your customers in much less time.


Hire junior and give them the tools to make pro results. Dashboa is the SEO toolbox that adds four years’ experience to any marketer.

Create trust with reporting

With Dashboa’s guidance, you know you are making a positive impact on your clients’ online visibility. Let them know exactly how with easy to understand, auto-generated reports.

Guaranteed results!

If your team uses Dashboa, and can´t achieve benefits in sales, production and reporting. We pay you back!

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