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Does Google ADS marketing seem to be stagnating? Time spent on maintenance, but results remain at the same level? Digital marketing is a whole, but Google ADS is often a big part of it. Dashboan A Google ADS audit will give you concrete ideas on how to improve your ADS results.

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ADS audit finds problems in advertising?

In most cases, the biggest and most impactful problems can be traced back to three different themes:

  • Conversion monitoring and its reliability
  • Forgetting website optimisation
  • The budget has not been allocated to the best performing campaigns

The audit provides a clear picture of how these and dozens of other areas are performing and how to fix them. Dashboan also provides you with expert service if you want us to take your marketing to the next level with AI-based digital marketing.

In addition, a quality audit can reveal trends and ideas that will help you understand your customers even better.

How can Google Ads Auditing help you improve profitability?

Google Ads auditing usually significantly improves the effectiveness of ADS campaigns, leading to better ROAS returns . In addition, when the audit takes into account your website as a whole, other areas of your website often start to perform better.

Dashboan The 50-point analysis evaluates the effectiveness of your keywords, the relevance and analytics of your ads, and many other angles. These considerations will reduce wasted spend and allow more budget for the most effective ads.

It's also important that the audit checks your quality score, which is an important Google Ads metric.

The audit also helps you fine-tune the placement of your ads, so they are more visible to the right audience. A Google Ads audit is a good fitness check to ensure continued growth and revenue improvement.

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Why regular Google Ads audits are essential for success?

Regularly auditing your Google Ads campaign is an effective way to succeed. Here's how it helps:

Finding inefficient parts

Regular auditing will help you find the hidden pitfalls of your campaign. By examining every detail, you can identify what works and what doesn't. This allows for timely changes and optimisation.

Maximising return on investment (ROI)

The audit ensures that the advertising budget is used optimally. It identifies unnecessary costs and inefficient keywords and improves the return on investment. By reallocating resources wisely, you can improve the profitability of your campaign.

Keep up with industry changes

Google updates its algorithms and advertising rules frequently. A regular review will ensure that your campaign is in line with these changes and maintain its effectiveness. This responsiveness gives your business a competitive edge.

Improving quality scores

Your quality score directly affects the placement and price of your ad. Auditing can help you identify factors that negatively affect these scores. You can improve the visibility and coverage of your ad by correcting these problems.

Optimisation of ad placements

The check estimates where your ads appear in search results. This will reveal whether your ads are appearing in non-optimal places. By improving the placement of your ads, you can attract more potential customers.

Using data for decision-making

Auditing provides in-depth and useful information on the effectiveness of your campaign. This data-driven approach facilitates more accurate decision-making.

How do we conduct a Google Ads audit?

These are some of the issues addressed in the Dashboan ADS audit.

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Campaign structure

We will review the structure of your campaigns to ensure that it meets your business objectives. We assess whether your campaigns are well organised, with clear naming conventions and a logical hierarchy. We eliminate duplicate or redundant campaigns that can undermine your budget and reduce tracking.

We evaluate advertising text and ads

We analyse the effectiveness of your ad copy and other creative components. We check for relevance, clarity and attractiveness in calls to action (CTAs). We ensure that your ad extensions are used effectively to maximise your ad's visibility and engagement potential.

We analyse the effectiveness of keywords

We'll check your keyword list to find the most and least effective keywords. We eliminate irrelevant or low-performing keywords and focus on optimising those that produce results. Consider expanding your keyword list with relevant, highly relevant keywords to get more quality traffic.

We check advertising costs and budget allocation

We analyse your advertising spend and budget allocation to identify potential opportunities or inefficiencies. We ensure that your budget is efficiently allocated to campaigns and ad groups based on their effectiveness and priority. We look for opportunities to reallocate funds to areas that are performing well.

We evaluate alignment settings

We check your targeting settings to make sure they match your target audience. We check your regional targeting, device targeting and demographic settings. If you want to reach specific customer segments, we'll consider advanced targeting options such as remarketing or audiences considering a purchase.

We evaluate conversion monitoring

We check your conversion tracking settings to ensure accurate measurement of campaign effectiveness. Make sure your conversion tracking tags are set up correctly and are triggered correctly. Check whether the tracked conversions are in line with your business objectives.

We examined the landing pages

We assess the landing pages associated with your ads. We assess their relevance, loading speed and overall user experience. Optimize landing pages to match your ad messages and encourage conversions.

We check the ad schedule and the rotation of ads

We check your advertising schedule to make sure your ads are shown at the most effective times. We'll assess your ad rotation settings to see if your ads are evenly distributed. Consider testing different ad rotations to optimise efficiency.

We analyse performance indicators

We analyse key performance data such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROAS). Identify trends, anomalies or areas for improvement. Compare performance against your targets and benchmarks to assess the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

What role does keyword analysis play in Google Ads auditing?

Keyword analysis plays a big role in Google Ads auditing. It helps to evaluate the effectiveness of selected keywords, identify optimisation opportunities and improve ad targeting and quality.

By analysing keyword performance data, such as click-through rate and click-through price, you can measure the relevance and profitability of your chosen keywords. This analysis helps identify poorly performing keywords that can be removed or modified, and reveals effective keywords that can be further exploited to even greater effect.

In addition, keyword analysis helps to refine ad groups, ad copy and landing pages to improve the overall effectiveness of the campaign. It ensures that ads are targeted to the right audience to maximise ad revenue, improving ad effectiveness and increasing results.

Customer story

Work speeded up significantly

Dashboa makes work easier, saves time and, above all, helps to build a vision of the whole. The big picture can sometimes get lost when working with so many channels. Dashboa makes work easier, saves time and, above all, helps to build a view of the big picture. The big picture can sometimes get lost when working with so many channels.

How does the ADS audit process work Dashboalla?

A light, 50-point audit is fairly painless, depending on the account. This will take you about an hour, and of course access to your ADS account. We don't necessarily need access.

First, an audit appointment is made, which takes between 45 and 90 minutes. Sometimes the audit can be done in two parts, first discussing the objectives in general and then going through the observations and areas for improvement in the account.

You will then receive a written audit, an idea for improvement and a completed action plan. In addition, if you wish, the Dashboan team can help you to correct the identified developments.

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Frequently asked questions

Google Ads auditing is crucial to optimising campaign effectiveness and ensuring efficient ad management. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Google Ads audit and the answers:

How can a Google Ads audit improve your return on investment?

An in-depth audit will help you identify poorly performing campaigns, optimise keywords and targeting, improve ad copy and allocate budgets more effectively. This optimisation improves return on investment.

What are the common problems that a Google Ads audit can uncover?

A Google Ads audit can reveal problems such as poorly performing keywords, incompatible ad targeting, poor quality scores, unnecessary ad spend or missed optimisation opportunities.

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of my advertising extensions?

Evaluate the effectiveness of ad extensions by analysing certain metrics, such as click-through rates and conversion rates for each extension. This evaluation will help you optimise their use.

How can I monitor results effectively?

Set up conversion tracking using Google Ads conversion tracking codes or Google Analytics. Proper tracking allows you to accurately measure results, enabling data-driven optimization.

Should I consider mobile optimisation during my Google Ads audit?

Absolutely! Mobile optimisation is crucial in today's mobile-driven world. Evaluate your mobile ad effectiveness, landing page experience and mobile targeting to improve results.

How can I make sure my Google Ads budget is being spent effectively?

Analyse the effectiveness of your campaigns, identify underperforming areas and reallocate your budget to the campaigns that deliver the best results to ensure your Google Ads budget is being used effectively.

Can a Google Ads audit help reduce my advertising costs?

Yes, Google Ads auditing can identify inefficiencies and unnecessary spend, allowing you to optimise campaigns and reduce unnecessary costs while maintaining efficiency.

See how we could improve your marketing

See how we could improve your marketing

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