Google Performance Max campaigns

Advertising is not just about advertising; it's about connection! Google Performance Max campaigns take over the entire Google network at once. Discover an all-in-one solution that provides a robust advertising strategy to maximise your coverage, engagement and results across all Google platforms.

What are Google Performance Max campaigns and how do they work?

Google Performance Max campaigns are an innovative campaign format that uses advanced pattern recognition techniques to improve results across Google's different ad spaces. They use a combination of automated processes and data to display ads dynamically.

Advertisers offer images, text and video, as well as products and targeting options, while Google's intelligent pattern recognition system refines bids and ad placement to improve results. Performance Max campaigns can display ads across multiple networks, including Google's Display Network, Search Network, Discover and YouTube.

This method allows you to engage with a wider audience and achieve great results using Google's extensive network and advanced algorithm.

Why use Google Performance Max campaigns?

Google Performance Max campaigns are a powerful campaign format that helps businesses maximise reach and achieve optimal efficiency. Thanks to their advanced features, Performance Max campaigns offer a number of good reasons for businesses to consider using them.

Better coverage

Performance Max campaigns allow businesses to reach a wider audience by combining different Google ad networks and platforms. Using Google Search, Display Network, YouTube and Discover, businesses can extend their reach to multiple touchpoints and connect with potential customers at different stages of the buying journey.

Automatic optimisation

One of the main advantages of Performance Max campaigns is their automatic optimisation. Google's machine learning algorithms examine vast amounts of data to find the ideal mix of ad formats, locations and targeting options. Companies can improve profit margins and return on investment with this optimisation method.

Simplified management

Performance Max campaigns improve ad management by combining different campaign types into a single, coherent campaign. This streamlines setup and ad optimisation, saving advertisers time and effort. Companies can simply monitor performance indicators, make changes and improve campaigns through a single dashboard.

Enhanced efficiency monitoring

Google Performance Max campaigns offer powerful performance tracking features that provide advertisers with detailed information on the effectiveness of their campaigns. Detailed data on impressions, clicks, results and other relevant analytics are available to businesses. This information in turn helps companies to identify areas for improvement, make data-driven choices and refine their advertising tactics.

Optimisation between vessels

Performance Max campaigns use Google's cross-platform optimisation features to display ads across devices and platforms. Ads can be tailored and optimised for optimal visibility and interaction, whether people are browsing on desktop, mobile or tablet devices. Regardless of the device used, this multi-platform strategy helps businesses capture the attention of their audience.

Testing and experimentation

Performance Max campaigns facilitate A/B testing and experimentation, allowing companies to test different advertising variants and strategies. Advertisers can explore creative elements, headlines, descriptions and call to action to find the most effective mix. This iterative testing process helps to improve the effectiveness of ads and improve overall campaign results.

Target industries for Google Performance Max campaigns

Here are some of the areas where Google Performance Max campaigns can deliver exceptional results.

Online shop

Google Performance Max campaigns can help ecommerce businesses maximise visibility and increase results in Google advertising . Using machine learning algorithms, these campaigns can dynamically allocate budget and optimise ad placements to reach potential customers at the right time, increasing sales.


For the travel and hospitality sector, Google Performance Max campaigns can be very useful. By leveraging automation and machine learning, these campaigns can reach customers who are actively searching for flights, hotels or holiday packages, leading to higher bookings and revenue.

Automotive industry

Google Performance Max campaigns are well suited to the automotive industry. They can effectively target users in the market for cars, car parts or related services. These campaigns can improve brand awareness, increase leads and dealer footfall by using machine learning to deliver targeted ads.

Health and well-being

Health and wellness businesses can benefit greatly from Google Performance Max campaigns. Such campaigns can be targeted at people looking for information, goods or services on physical fitness, good nutrition or mental health. Businesses in this sector can effectively reach the right audience through personalised advertising to attract new customers and promote their products.

Financial services

Google Performance Max campaigns could change the game for the financial services industry. These campaigns can use advanced targeting features and automation to reach people looking for banking, investment or insurance solutions. This can generate qualified leads, increase conversions and improve brand visibility in a highly competitive industry.

Real estate

Real estate professionals can use Google Performance Max campaigns to effectively reach potential buyers and sellers. These campaigns can target users searching for real estate, real estate agents or related services. By delivering highly relevant ads and optimising conversions, businesses in this sector can generate more leads and make more offers.

How to create Google Performance Max campaigns?

Creating a successful Google Performance Max campaign requires a strategic approach and careful execution. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you create your own Google Performance Max campaigns.

Set clear goals

Start by defining the objectives of your campaign. Identify what you want to achieve, whether it's generating leads, increasing website traffic or boosting results. Clear objectives will help you measure success.

Collect relevant images and texts

Collect excellent content such as images, videos, headlines and descriptions. You can engage your target audience by ensuring that your resources are aesthetically appealing and consistent with your brand identity.

Create a Pmax campaign

In your Google Ads account, go to the campaign creation section and select maximum revenue as the campaign type. Enter a descriptive campaign name and select your preferred budget and pricing strategy.

Specify alignment parameters

Identify your target audience based on location, language, demographics and interests. Use Google's audience targeting options to reach the users most likely to engage with your ads.

Optimise the content of your ad

Upload your content and let Google's machine learning algorithms automatically generate different ad combinations. This ensures that your ads are tailored to each user and placement, maximising effectiveness.

Set efficiency targets

Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your campaign. Evaluate effectiveness by tracking metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates and ad revenue.

Monitor and adjust

Regularly check the effectiveness of your campaign and make changes based on the data. Test different combinations of content, refine your targeting and optimise price offers to maximise results.

Take advantage of performance monitoring

Turn on performance tracking to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Configure conversion actions to track specific user activities, such as purchases or form submissions, to further optimise your campaign.

Continuous optimisation

Consistently analyse and refine your campaign based on performance data. Try different strategies, including adjusting price offers, refining ads and exploring new targeting options to improve results.

How do Google Ads Pmax ads improve efficiency?

Google Ads content plays a crucial role in improving the effectiveness of Performance Max campaigns. By creating visually appealing and engaging ads, advertisers can effectively capture the attention of their target audience. Engaging text and high-quality images or videos increase click-through rates and results.

In addition, the use of responsive ads, dynamic remarketing and ad creators will adapt ads to user behaviour and preferences. Regular testing and optimisation of different ad variants can improve the overall effectiveness of a campaign.

A/B testing can help identify the most effective ads, allowing advertisers to allocate their budgets more efficiently. By harnessing the power of Google Ads, advertisers can maximise the impact and success of their Performance Max campaigns.

Impact of Pmax campaigns on other campaigns

Performance Max advertising campaign, can have a significant impact on other campaigns. It optimises ad placement and targeting across multiple channels, increasing visibility and engagement. This can potentially divert resources and attention away from other campaigns and affect their effectiveness.

In addition, the success of Performance Max can overshadow other campaigns, leading to lower conversion rates and reduced returns. Balancing resource allocation and monitoring the effectiveness of all campaigns is crucial to ensure overall marketing objectives are met and to mitigate negative impacts on other initiatives.

Customer story

Work speeded up significantly

Dashboa makes work easier, saves time and, above all, helps to build a vision of the whole. The big picture can sometimes get lost when working with so many channels. Dashboa makes work easier, saves time and, above all, helps to build a view of the big picture. The big picture can sometimes get lost when working with so many channels.

What about Google Performance Max campaigns for e-commerce?

Google Performance Max campaigns are very effective for ecommerce businesses. These campaigns use machine learning to optimise the effectiveness of ads across Google's different networks. Performance Max allows advertisers to reach a wider audience and achieve better results.

To attract potential customers, campaigns use different forms of advertising, such as text, images, videos and shopping ads. By ensuring efficient budget allocation and optimising the return on investment, an automated price quotation system.

In addition, Performance Max campaigns provide valuable insights and reports that allow advertisers to monitor and analyse the effectiveness of their campaigns. Overall, Performance Max campaigns provide ecommerce businesses with a powerful tool to increase conversions and drive revenue through Google's extensive advertising network.

The difference between a Maximum Efficiency and a Shopping campaign

Performance Max is a Google Ads campaign that maximises coverage across all ad networks using automated targeting and bidding strategies. It combines display, search and YouTube ads into a single campaign and reaches potential customers across channels. Performance Max campaigns are optimised for conversions, making them suitable for businesses that want broad visibility and high performance results.

Shopping campaigns, on the other hand, focus specifically on promoting and selling products online. They showcase product images, details and prices in search results and on other relevant sites.

Shopping campaigns use product feeds to display ads to users searching for specific products and targeting intent-based searches. These campaigns are ideal for e-commerce businesses looking to increase online sales and showcase their product range effectively.

Performance Max focuses on maximising reach across multiple ad networks, while Shopping campaigns focus on the promotion and sale of specific products and target users with purchase intent.

When should I use Google Performance Max campaigns?

Google Performance Max campaigns are ideal for maximising effectiveness across multiple channels. They use machine learning to optimise conversions and dynamically allocate budgets.

These campaigns are ideal for businesses looking for simple management, as they automatically adapt ads to reach different audiences and placements. Performance Max campaigns work effectively for organisations with significant budgets that want broad visibility and focus on achieving specific performance targets.

By using this type of campaign, advertisers can reach a wider range of potential customers and benefit from Google's advanced targeting features. Performance Max campaigns are particularly useful for generating leads, increasing website traffic or boosting results across platforms and ad formats.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you better understand Performance Max campaigns:

Can I use certain price offer strategies in Maximum Efficiency campaigns?

Maximum Efficiency campaigns use the "Maximise Conversions" bidding strategy by default, but you can also choose "Maximise Conversion Value" or "CPA Target" depending on your campaign objectives.

What kind of ads can be used in Maximum Efficiency campaigns?

Performance Max campaigns support a variety of ad formats, including text, image, video and responsive ads. These ads can be shown on Google Search, Display Network, YouTube and Discover.

Can I set specific budget limits for maximum effectiveness campaigns?

Performance Max campaigns use a daily budget that you can set according to your preferences. However, Google recommends that you set a budget to fully exploit the potential of your campaign.

How can I measure the effectiveness of the Maximum Efficiency campaign?

You can monitor the effectiveness of your Performance Max campaign through the Google Ads interface, where you can track metrics such as conversions, click-through rates, conversion rate and more.

Can I optimise and adjust my Performance Max campaign during it?

Yes, you can change your Maximum Efficiency campaign while it's running, such as modifying the budget, changing ads or editing targeting settings.

Is it possible to use Performance Max campaigns for branding and awareness-raising purposes?

Yes, Performance Max campaigns can help increase brand visibility and awareness by displaying ads on multiple Google services and reaching a wide audience.

Can I use Performance Max campaigns to promote mobile apps?

Yes, Performance Max campaigns can be used to promote mobile apps and encourage installations. By leveraging the power of Google's advertising platforms, you can reach a large mobile audience and optimise your app for installs or in-app functionality.

Can I target specific geographical areas with maximum effectiveness campaigns?

Yes, you can target specific geographical locations with Maximum Efficiency campaigns. Whether you want to reach a global audience or focus on specific regions, you can configure your targeting settings accordingly to tailor your campaign to your preferred locations.

Is it possible to use Performance Max campaigns to create B2B leads?

Yes, Performance Max campaigns can be effective in creating B2B leads. You can reach targeted business audiences and optimise lead conversions using targeting options and automation features. Make sure your ads and messages are tailored to meet the efforts and needs of your B2B audience.

Can I use Maximum Efficiency campaigns at the same time as other campaign types?

Yes, you can run Performance Max campaigns alongside other campaign types at the same time. However, remember that different campaigns may have different objectives and performance characteristics, so you will need to monitor and optimise them separately.

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