What does AI think about Finns?

I wonder what that fly thinks of me?

- The punchline of a traditional Finnish joke.

Today we find out what AI thinks of the Finns!

And since this is the blog of a company at the forefront of digital marketing and AI, we're not just looking at answers from ChatGPT, but jumping straight into the roundabouts of Meta, Google and Dashboard AI systems. And let's not forget the "next generation" Claude and yesterday's tech GPT2 model.

So: to celebrate Friday, we asked a direct question to six different AI models. Not all of them are available in Finland or in Finnish, but the answers have been translated using Dashboan . Most of them refused to give a direct answer to the question, citing the fact that the language model cannot form an opinion. Metan Llama2 remembered to educate about stereotypes by telling:

"It is worth noting that making assumptions or generalisations about people based on their nationality can be harmful and inaccurate. It is important to get to know individuals for who they are and not to make judgements based on stereotypes or preconceptions."

For the models who did not admit to having an opinion (or who did not want to share it), I asked a follow-up question about what Finns are generally considered to be like.

First question

The first question I asked directly was about Finns.

This was not answered except by Google's SGE and Bard.

Google Bard:

"Finns are generally quiet by nature, but friendly and polite. They are also well educated and skilled. They are proud of their history and culture, and are very committed to their country.

Finns are also very loving towards their family and friends. They are often very social and have a lot of fun. Finns are also very active and love being in nature.

In general, Finns are a very interesting and diverse people. They have a lot to offer the world, and they will certainly be a major force in the future.

However, it is important to note that these are only generalisations and that every Finn is an individual. There is no one 'right' way to be a Finn."

Llama artificial intelligence

Google SBU

Google's AI search engine SGE provides the answer to the question directly, but unlike other models, it also provides references on which it bases its ideas:

"Finns are an ethnic group belonging to the Baltic Finns, who are originally from Finland. They are known as quiet, friendly, honest and humourless.

They are also known for being hard-working and meticulous. Finns have a reputation for being reserved, thoughtful and unemotional. They don't like to talk unless they have something important to say. However, they are also known for being warm, open and sincere.

Finns value equality, trust, honesty and nature. They value punctuality, good manners and practicality.

Finland is a Nordic welfare state aiming to be carbon neutral by 2035. It is also the happiest country in the world."

Other models said that there is no opinion and that it is not okay to give it, even if there is one.

But the next question, "what are the general thoughts about Finns", was answered by other models. All texts in English have been translated using the Dashboan Chat feature.

Dashboan chat:

Dashboan Chat relies on the GPT4 model, so the answer will follow certain parts of the answer provided by ChatGPT, for example.

"Finns are often thought of as honest, reliable and hard-working people. Finns are also typically known as quiet and reserved, but at the same time tenacious and resilient. The Finnish culture is strongly influenced by a love of nature and a tradition of sauna and winter sports. In addition, Finns are often valued for their technological know-how and innovation. However, it is important to remember that these are only generalisations and cannot be applied to all individuals."

Metan LLama2 is pictured above

Here is Meta's answer to the question about stereotypes. Meta was inspired to write a much longer answer than the others:

"There are many common stereotypes about Finns and Finnish culture that are not necessarily accurate or fair. Some of these stereotypes include:

1. Finns are quiet and reserved: while it is true that Finns can be more reserved than some other cultures, this does not mean that everyone is introverted or quiet. Many Finns are outgoing and friendly, and value their personal space and privacy.

2. Finns love saunas: although the sauna is indeed an important part of Finnish culture, not all Finns love saunas or use them regularly.

3. Finns drink a lot of alcohol: Like any cultural stereotype, this is not true for all Finns. Although alcohol consumption is relatively high in Finland compared to other countries, not all Finns drink heavily or often.

4. Finns are cold and unfriendly: This stereotype is not true, as Finns are generally friendly and hospitable people. They may take a little time to get to know you, but when they do, they can be very warm and welcoming.

5. Finns are all blond-haired and blue-eyed: While it is true that many Finns have blond hair and blue eyes, this is not true for all Finns. There is a lot of diversity in Finland, and many Finns have dark hair and eyes or other physical features that do not conform to stereotypes.

6. Finns are all tech-savvy: Although Finland is known for its technology sector and innovation, not all Finns are interested or skilled in technology.

7. Finns have a strong work ethic: While Finns do have a strong work ethic and value hard work, this does not mean that everyone is a workaholic or that they cannot relax and enjoy their free time.

It is important to remember that these are generalisations and do not necessarily apply to every individual. It is also important to avoid making assumptions based on people's nationality or culture and instead get to know them as individuals."

Other AI models

Alongside these generic models, I also grabbed two reference models. One is the beta Claude (not available in Finland), which is capable of really high-quality content, and the GPT2, which is based on earlier generation technology. I have to admit that the GPT2 gave a surprisingly good answer, albeit in the wrong language.


"It's hard to make generalisations about a nation as a whole, but here are some stereotypes and images of Finns:

  • The silent and the taciturn
  • Honest and reliable
  • Tenacious and independent
  • Serious and factual
  • Swimming and stiff in social situations
  • Sober and healthy lifestyles
  • People of Nature
  • The technically talented
  • A good education system and high literacy rates
  • Functioning social institutions and low corruption
  • A fair and equal society

Of course, these are just generalisations and stereotypes, and do not apply to all Finns. Every person is an individual, regardless of their nationality."

And here's GPT2:

"As an AI language model, I have no personal opinions or feelings towards any particular group of people. However, I can say that Finns are known for their tenacity, determination and innovation. Finland is also recognised as a leader in areas such as education, technology and environmental sustainability. Overall, I can acknowledge that Finnish culture and society have unique qualities and strengths that make it an interesting country to study and learn more."

The models seem to agree quite a lot. I asked Dashboa to summarise all the comments.

Thus, here's the ultimate view of what AI models have on Finns:

"Finns are generally quiet, but friendly and polite people. They are also well educated and skilled.

Finns are proud of their history and culture and are committed to their country. Family and friends are important to Finns, and they are social and fun-loving.

Being in nature is popular, and Finns value nature. Finland aims to be carbon neutral by 2035 and is known as a welfare state. However, it is important to remember that these are only generalisations and not all Finns share these characteristics."

So the AI thinks we're a pretty stiff and hard-working bunch... So back to real work for the rest of the day!

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