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Dashboa Tasks – The secret SEO weapon other tools just can’t match.

First thing’s first… Dashboa is different.

And what makes Dashboa different are Tasks.

Tasks are the data-driven suggestions Dashboa creates that help you seriously improve your SEO.

No other tool analyses your data and uses it in such a powerful way.

So if you’re interested in a tool that knows which landing page you should create next to improve SEO and conversions, or the keywords to use in your next Google Ads, then Dashboa is for you.

Powerful SEO tools also included with Dashboa…

Site Audits

Automatically scan your website for technical issues that could be affecting your SEO.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Keep an eye on the search rank of your most important keywords.

Keyword Research

Quickly and easily discover the best keywords to use to get your website seen.

Competitor Analysis

Compare webpages so you can see what’s working and why, or what you need to do to improve.

Google Ads Optimization

Automatic advice that explains what needs to be done to improve your campaigns. 

On-page SEO Checker

Scan your webpages and find out how to improve their health and SEO performance

Conversion Optimization

Link your Google Analytics and receive recommendations on improving your pages to increase conversions.

Automated Reports

Save your time for the work that really matters by using Dashboa’s quick, easy, and automatic reporting tool. 

Social Media Optimization

Automated insights into improving paid and organic content.

Content Optimization

Scan your website and get recommendations on how to optimize your pages to drive more organic traffic

Clear, accessible dashboards

We’ve designed our dashboard to give a clear but detailed overview of the things that matter most.

From one view you can keep track of your most important tasks, top keywords, and high-level views of your website performance.

Time (and value) estimates for all tasks

Once you set up Dashboa, you will quickly find lots of tasks for you to complete that will improve your website.

But Dashboa doesn’t just leave you there. Along with the task suggestion, you will also recieve a time estimate for each task as well as a potential monetary value of each task so you are well-prepared when deciding which one to prioritise.

"Dashboa makes the job easier, saves time, and, above all, helps to keep a view of the big picture, which is sometimes lost when working with so many channels."

– Valtti Mustajärvi, Growth Hacker, Vertics 

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