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Dashboa’s story

A short summary written and produced by Tuomas Laitinen and the Dashboa team. 

pic of Dashboas whole team

At the end of 2020 I was staring at a huge Google Sheet, which I had filled with data from many many different data sources. Data like search volumes, terms, trends, click prices and competitor data. Just to name a few.

Using trade secret formulas, I came up with the best data-based ideas of the potential improvements for page or ads. Only problem was, that it took hours or days to fill the sheet, and it took years to learn to create it in the first place…

So, I started to wonder if all this could be automatized somehow. Automized so that the time I had already used could be given back to fellow digital marketers.

And that is how the first steps of Dashboa were taken. From day one, our vision was to create a software that can do more than just visualize data. Our aim has always been to be a software that actually does the biggest part of the digital marketing FOR the user. 

You are warmly welcome to join our journey in making digital marketing fair again!


tuomas laitinen's mug shot - the CEO of dashboa, a marketing enthusiast and a professional

Tuomas Laitinen


Serial entrepreneur and a full-time student of digital marketing.

I first dealt with search engine optimization in 2000, when at the age of 14 I got my first affiliate contracts with a local video game store.

Since, both SEM and social media have joined. Most of all, however, I have gone towards the interpretation of the data and the conclusions and insights to be drawn from it. These are usually the keypoints for growth.

Interesting and challenging projects related to increasing digital visibility and conversion optimization are always interesting. Even if my calendar is quite full.

Grow with data!

Tuomas Laitinen
+358 45 133 2012

a pic of Daniel laurean dashboa's sales representative

Daniel Laurean

International Sales Manager 

Born and raised most of my life in Guadalajara Mexico. I lived and did part of my studies in the U.S.A. where I learned English and studied Psychology.

During the past 10 years I became a passionate sales-focused professional with a demonstrated history in sales, customer experience and relations.

Throughout the course of my career, I have built new client leads and established and cultivated relationships to secure business commitments. My ability to communicate effectively has helped me identify critical drivers, properly structure solutions to increase and retain revenue.

As an extroverted and personable communicator with a proven track record, my focus on building strong professional relationships has been a valuable asset throughout my career. Fluent in Spanish and English.

Daniel Laurean
+358 50 366 4440

Janne lead developer at dashboa


Lead Developer

I have worked as a CTO where my main focus was making sure that things are getting done and people doing it happy.

I enjoy getting things done, planning new softwares and being with clients.

My main focus in coding is Node.js, but I do like to work with React and React Native. Also PostgreSQL is my dark passion, when getting that complex query to work, it’s an amazing feeling 🥳

Currently focusing on learning more about development in general.

pic of juho, one of the key developers at dashboa



My background is in the retail business, where I have been working as an entrepreneur in multiple companies for the last 10 years.

My latest experience includes running several eCommerce stores and planning and executing marketing from Google to social media.

As a person, I am active, easy going and rarely silent.

pic of Phong who is also a key developer at dashboa



I am a software development enthusiast who enjoys working with others to contribute to a common goal.

I always strive to broaden my knowledge in the IT field to apply it to my daily work.

On free time I like to play video games or go out with friends for a chat.

The photo of Daniel Laurean who is the Team Dashboa International Sales Manager

The Trinh

Web Developer

I am a hard working, open-minded web developer. My strengths are continuous learning and fast adaptability combined with my problem-solving skills.

I’m always trying to become a better developer. 🙂

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