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Take Search Engine Optimization to the Next Level!

Search engines bring traffic to your site for free, but only if they see your site as adding value compared to competing pages. Crono examines both your own pages and the pages of better-ranked competitors. You’ll get a detailed action plan to help you increase your rankings on key search terms.

Search engine optimization is part of success

Search engine optimization is one of the main areas of digital marketing that a website looking for long-term growth should focus on. Crono shows concrete steps to increase the organic traffic to the site as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Cronon’s power is based on its ability to tell when hours should be spent on search engine optimization and when on other digital visibility activities.

Constantly updated

Discover new opportunities for better investments every month.

Comparison between pages

Why do competitors rank better and what can you do to increase your ranking?

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Automatic data analyst

Dashboa automatically examines the data without tiring and highlights clear areas for improvement.

Technical notes

Duplicate content, broken links? Dashboa is constantly researching your site.

Optimize correctly

Optimize the content that produces, for the terms that produce.

User experience

The user experience is one of the most essential parts of SEO. Dashboa examines your page



What was done, why was it done and what was the goal? Information automatically from Dashboa.

Ready ideas

Ready-made ideas straight from Dashbo! Use your time correctly.

Constantly evolving

Dashboa is constantly evolving, as are search engines. Stay ahead!