Holistic digital marketing solution

Dashboa offers efficient AI-based digital marketing software and strategic expert knowledge combine to solve the challenges of digital marketing.

Enhancing digital marketing efficiency with the help of AI

By utilizing artificial intelligence, you can elevate the efficiency of your digital marketing to a new level. Dashboan’s AI provides you with recommendations, ideas, content suggestions, and texts so that you can increase the effectiveness of your actions in the right place.

Business goals at the core of digital marketing.

In the flood of numerous different digital marketing channels and actions, the essential may sometimes be forgotten. Dashboa provides an overview of the effectiveness of digital marketing and helps to create results in those places where it has the greatest significance for the business.

Take control of the entire marketing package

Digital marketing is a whole where different channels and the functionality of the website always affect each other. With the help of a dashboard, you get an overview of the marketing situation and can allocate resources to where you get the best results.

The dashboard makes work easier, saves time, and above all, helps to build a vision of the whole picture. The big picture may sometimes be lost when working with so many channels. Among the dashboard’s packages, you will always find the right solution for developing your company’s marketing. From efficient software to comprehensive digital marketing services.

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Dashboa is a digital marketing software that analyzes both your and your competitors’ websites and provides automatic action recommendations based on the analysis. Dashboa’s AI-based content tools help in executing the tasks. You can train Dashboa with your company’s own data, which ensures that the content is already in line with your company’s tone of voice.

Customer story

The operating system has been pleasant and intuitive.

“With the help of the dashboa, we have been able to improve the efficiency of our content production and its systematic management. The operating system of dashboa has been quite pleasant and intuitive to use, and the software updates have added useful features and enhanced the usability of the software.”

Olli Avikainen
Keskisen Kello Oy


In digital marketing, the whole is what matters. Even if one aspect is polished to perfection, a website cannot succeed unless all parts work together as efficiently as possible. When you build a digital marketing package for your company with Dashboa software solution and service add-ons, you set up your digital marketing all at once.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a fundamental pillar of digital marketing, whose results are long-lasting and can yield benefits for years. From Dashbloat, you receive SEO services based on your own software solution and strategic expert work, delivered on a turnkey basis. We effectively develop your site’s organic visibility based on business objectives.

Google Ads

Potential customers are most effectively reached just when they are making a purchase decision – that is, when they are searching for your services on Google. Dashboa maintains and develops your Google Ads advertising efficiently with your most important business objectives in mind. You will receive a comprehensive Google Ads advertising service from us.


In order to carry out digital marketing effectively, analytics must function reliably. Dashboa analyzes, builds, and develops an efficient web analytics implementation for you. We analyze the metrics that are most important from the perspective of your business objectives and implement their tracking, so that you can make data-driven marketing decisions.

Conversion optimization

It is pointless to direct visitors to a website through advertising or search engine optimization if the visitors do not perform the desired actions on the site and convert into paying customers. With Dashboa’s conversion optimization services, you ensure that you get the most out of your site’s visibility, and your marketing efforts and euros do not go to waste.

Digitaalisen markkinoinnin kokonaisratkaisu

Rakenna yrityksellesi sopiva kokonaisratkaisu Service Add-Onien avulla

Dashboan Service Add-Onien avulla rakennat Dashboan ohjelmistoratkaisusta ja digimarkkinoinnin asiantuntijatiimistä joustavan ja tehokkaan kokonaisuuden, joka siivittää digimarkkinointisi kasvuun.

Katso paketit➜

This is how Dashboa brings artificial intelligence to search engine optimized content production

  1. The dashboa tracks the actions taken and automatically reports on the results and efficiency.
  2. Dashboa assists in the implementation of tasks with AI-based content ideas and texts.
  3. Dashboa evaluates and prioritizes SEO actions automatically, and forms clear tasks from action recommendations.
  4. Dashboa examines the company’s own and competitors’ websites, goes through the keywords, and automatically creates a keyword plan.

How would Dashboa develop your marketing?

Fill out the form and book a free 30-minute digital marketing audit meeting!

In the meeting, our expert will go through an audit based on Dashboa’s action recommendations regarding the state of your digital marketing. You will be able to immediately implement the recommendations!

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